Descriptive Essay About Vacations

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Our vacation started with what seemed like a week of packing when in reality it was only a day or two. We had been thinking of and planning our trip to Yellowstone for quite a while. We were all excited for the trip to come. It started with a long drive through Nebraska stopping at night to set up camp and get some sleep. We were all exhausted and slept like rocks. The next morning we made breakfast and got to driving again. As always, we stopped at various parks and rest stops to get out and look around. That afternoon we were in dire need of showers and couldn’t seem to find a campsite that offered showers. We searched through what seemed like a thousand campgrounds. My mom and I had pretty much given up looking at this point and were ready to resort to bucket baths. When we pulled into the campsite it turned out to be a rather pleasant campground. There was plenty of privacy, flat ground, trees, and of course a shower. My mom and I also were pleasantly surprised to find that the showers were also free. While there was still daylight. We got a fire going set up our tents and looked around a bit. When we were finally ready we all went and bathed in the glorious creation of soap and hot running water cascading on our heads and bodies. The next day we got up, packed up our stuff, and started on our way to our next destination. Rocky Mountain National Park. On our way there we stopped in a little town for lunch and ate about two loaves of bread in sandwiches. As it started
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