Descriptive Essay About Water And Water

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To water or not to water? That is the question. If you water a plant, it grows to its fullest potential. The product is a beautiful, colorful, spectacular sight. This is much like a family relationship. Going on a vacation can nurture a family’s chemistry, growing their love for one another. Those who can go on vacation but don’t, are abusing that composition that is a loving family. Then again, those who can’t afford a vacation is the equivalent to a cactus. They don’t have the resources to fully nurture themselves, yet can make do and still thrive in the driest of climates. Over the summer, my family had the privilege to strengthen our relationship on a week long vacation. We visited the popular, dazzling, beachy community of Myrtle…show more content…
I then went to the calming world of coloring pictures. However, I don’t have the biggest attention span. That lasted about ten minutes before I needed to do something else. After a while, it was time for lunch. Since we had just bought house, we were trying to be as frugal as possible. We brought things for sandwiches, which led me to decide to have a balogna and cheese sandwich. Our original plan had been to drive all night. That went out the window around 2 am. My dad, who had been driving the whole time, was exhausted and declared it was time to stop. This part of the trip has always been the hardest and, yet, the most amusing. It is close to impossible to find a decent hotel with a room for 6 people open. After another half hour, we came to a hotel with an open room. We tiredly piled out of the car, got the essential items, and went up to our room. The next morning, I was up the earliest and sat bored in my bed. My mom and aunt finally got up and we went to breakfast. They had the usual items. Donuts, bagels, english muffins, cereal, and many more. The most amazing, however, was a waffle iron. I got in line to make my waffle, and after a two minute wait, sat down to enjoy my meal. We brought cereal up to our room, against the hotel rules, so my dad could eat. Then we were ready to hit the road. After another eight hours, we arrived in a town with a Target. We stopped to get a few items we had happened to forget. Now, let me

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