Descriptive Essay : ' Adventures Of Maui '

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Kayak Tip-Over “Ahek-Ahek” I coughed, choking on salty water. By the time I could hold onto something, I was swept under the surface of the ocean again. The salt stung my brown eyes. I tried swimming towards the surface of the ocean, but my legs felt like steel rods. It felt as if I were dreaming and this all was just a dream. That’s when it all came to my mind again. My family likes to come to Hawaii during winter break, escaping the chilly weather back at home and enjoying the sun here. “Saumya, you should try to learn something new this year? Like snorkeling, scuba diving or maybe even kayaking?” Dad said, flipping through the pages of the book Adventures in Maui (Call to Adventure). Snorkeling? No way could I do those activities…show more content…
I felt the sun scorching my neck as I paddled away from the beach. The sky was bluer than blue topaz, the ocean was warm and wet. The aromatic ocean air drifted to my nose. I noticed that I seemed to be slower than dad and our instructor. Instantly, I started to paddle faster. I looked at the ocean, its majestic beauty that seemed to be hidden until I experienced the ocean for myself. We were an hour into our trip when I started to hear the sound of laughing water. I looked out towards a big wave that dad and little brother battled through. My heart jumped at the sight of the wave, rolling in towards me. I heard the hissing of waves inching closer to my kayak. I looked towards the side of my kayak, leaning myself far over the side. My kayak tipped over into the ocean (Crossing the first threshold).The cold water hit me like a wall. I started to panic as the ocean swallowed me underwater (Calypso’s Island). I got to the surface of the water, frantically trying to get hold of my kayak. Cold waves lapped at my back. The wind roared making me feel very cold. The capsized kayak bobbed up and down like a runner’s short ponytail. Just as I grabbed my kayak another wave rolled in (Poseidon). “ Ahh!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My arms and legs tingled with the thought of an underwater creature dragging me down into the watery depths. “ This is just like T.V.,” I think as I anticipated a shark jumping out from the water and eating me. I got back to the surface

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