Descriptive Essay : ' An Old Teddy Bear '

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An Old Teddy Bear

The dirtier and older a teddy bear is, the more valuable it becomes for a girl like me. Ten years is more than enough time to completely ruin the appearance of a perfectly new teddy bear. It was on my seventh birthday that I decided that I wanted a Build-a-Bear as my gift. Every time I would reach a certain age, I would automatically consider myself too old for certain toys. Just the fact that I was turning one year older made me feel completely grown, but being seven did not stop me from wanting a teddy bear as my birthday gift. There was no way I would ever consider myself too old to get one of these famous bears. I mean part of building the bear involved dressing them up with things from princess dresses, to superhero costumes, to jeans and sneakers. In addition, the workers at the store hand out a birth certificate for every bear that is made. It was like having a kid, or more like making a kid, but in a more socially accepted manner, being that I was only seven years old.
When I found out I would be getting a Build-a-Bear, I was so ecstatic that I became more impatient every second I wasn’t building my bear. On a bright sunny Sunday in the summer, my parents and I drove to Roosevelt Field Mall and my father hastily drove around trying to look for a parking space. The parking lot looked like it would on black Friday, absolutely no parking spaces and a whole lot of cars roaming around looking for one. It was probably just how I saw it though, because…

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