Descriptive Essay Angel

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“Hello, Angel, you're looking beautiful as always,” Angelo greets me the second I walk through the door. “Is that another dress your boss bought you?”
Stunned by his observations and his memory of my dresses, it takes me a moment to reply. “Yes, it is.” I flatten out the wrinkles in my dress from the taxi ride over.
“It's a lot like the one you wore for your audition, isn't it?”
“It's very similar. I suppose I should come clean, that first dress belonged to Alice, but now I have my own.”
“Blue suits you, it matches your eyes.” He reaches out to glide his fingertips along the side of my face.
“It matches your tie.” Though it sits perfectly on his shirt, I adjust the knot of his tie nonetheless.
Once I realise our inappropriate behaviour, I retract my hand, cupping it to my chest with it's behaving twin. I promised myself the whole ride over I would not allow him to flirt with me, yet here I am, flirting right back! I avert my gaze, staring down at my hands, and reprimand myself for our interaction. “Wait one second,” I gaze back up at him, “you called me Angel, again. Why?”
“Why not?”
“I mean, why Angel?”
He leans in close enough for his fragrance to imbue my nostrils, leaving me light-headed. His lips caress my ear as he whispers, “Your perfume.”
Though I heard what he said, I can't bring forth the words to respond. Instead, I turn my face just a little towards his, my lips only an inch away. The mischievous grin appears as he retracts, our gazes lock, and he pauses
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