Descriptive Essay : Border Hopping

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Johnathan Sanchez
Jose A. Intriago Suarez
Humor Essay
Border Hopping Ahh Mexico globally acclaimed for its really illustrious tourist destinations, revolutionary cuisine, and infamous for the drug cartel and the illegal immigrants that attempt to cross the border every year. I have crossed the border quite a number of times, legally of course. I travel to Mexico once or twice a year. Out of all the times, I have traveled there, the most amusing experience of the trip always lays within the border. Watch towers looking over the vast desert area, watchmen ready to pop anyone that even looks like it’s about to run, foot patrol with their M4 carbines and drug sniffing drugs trying to get a whiff of any illegal contraband trying to cross over into the great U.S of A. I will never forget these border crossing moments because what happens seems like something that would only happen in a movie or television show. There are a couple of ways to cross the border into Mexico, flying which I have never done before because, my dad is too easy on the pocketbook for airplane tickets and, driving which, was our main way of transportation. You see my family is a big family, composing of four boys, and of course our parents, so, being in a car with them for twenty-four hours wasn’t the highlight of the day. Once you reach the border there are thousands of people coming to and coming back from Mexico and as you would expect the border gets jam packed with people attempting to get…

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