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Broken GPS
My metaphorical GPS turned off. Sounds odd, but I like to think that I always had a metaphorical GPS with me. Except it wasn’t a GPS, it was a person. My aunt to be exact. Whenever I needed help, or just a friend, she was always there no matter the situation. All of my free time was spent with her. I had more fun with her than most of my friends. Like an older sister who was old enough to be my mom, I looked up to her and basically wanted to be just like her. The chance to show her the woman she raised was way too quickly stripped of me when I came home one day and learned my worst nightmare had come true.
From the very first day of my life, my aunt or as I like to call her, Tati, had already been more involved into my wellbeing than anyone else. Of course my mom was present, and loved and adored her daughter like any mother would, but Tati went the extra mile. She took up the father role in my life, but also the mother role and the big sister role. Some even say I could be her daughter because of how alike we ended up acting due to all the time spent together.
My mother had twin boys very shortly after me. While she was worrying about them since it was a complicated pregnancy, my aunt spent all her spare time with me. Safe to say my bond with her increased more every moment we shared. With no sister or female cousin around, Tati was all I had. She was my best friend. The older I grew, my personality would show and my aunt would take me to my ballet courses and

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