Descriptive Essay : Compact Ability

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Compact-ability is the density of propositions given in a designated area. The density and proximity of people, activities, and built environments have always been defining characteristics of a city. Compact-ability is the culmination of the 4 previous idea. Take a fountain in a public square for instance (definability). A fountain will be an excellent resting place for people. Add extra benches and shelters around the fountain to accommodate even more people (comfortability). Allow for people to approach the fountain from different directions will allow more people to come to the fountain (walkability). Perhaps have signage and parking available to allow people to find and attend the fountain (accessibility). The
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Store layout starts with the Floor Plan. Floor plan is the foundation that gives a structure through which to understand and organize everything else. There are over 8 different retail store floor plans. The most common are: straight floor plan, angel floor plan, mixed and loop.
Straight Floor Plan Is considered to be the most efficient floor plan because it uses not only the floor space but also the wall space. Even commonly unused areas, like corners are used for displays and shelving. A straight floor plan is very customizable; therefore, a wide variety of stores can use this plan and incorporate many aisle layouts into it.
Angle Floor Plan The floor plan that uses a variety of different shapes and objects to create a visually appealing space with a sophisticated feel. Stores with this kind of floor planning are usually very high-end and put emphasis on how the products are displayed rather than their quantity.
Mixed Floor Plan Mixed Floor plan is the most customizable plan that creates a very functional store. It gives an ability to group products in your stores based on different themes. A department store is the best example for this kind of floor plan: a big quantity of products is offered by communicating different vibes and highlighting variety.
Loop Floor Plan This kind of floor plan has one defined main aisle that loops around the whole store. It will show more
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