Descriptive Essay : ' Elle '

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“Elle! Elle!” I yell as I sprint down the sidewalk of our neighborhood. My long dark brown hair flowing behind me. “They are adding a track team to our school and the tryouts are next Monday!”I tell her once I finally catch up. I have wanted to be on a track team for as long as I can remember. “Annie, that’s awesome!” she exclaims.
“The thing is, I don’t think I can make the team,” I mutter, “I love to run, but I’ve only ever done it for fun.”
“That’s why you have me. Even though I am a dancer, I can still help you train!” Elle exclaims.
“I don’t know about this,” I replied nervously.
“Don’t worry,” Elle says as she looks into my dark green eyes. The very next day we meet on the track to begin training. The track is empty and quiet not
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All of us were going to run a mile and a 50 yard dash. They called us up seven at a time, and after about an hour of waiting they call my number. I nervously walk up to the start and stand on number 5. Shaking head to toe I get into the starting position. I feel like a racehorse about to come out of the starting gate. I look to my left and up in the bleachers I see Elle give me a smile and a big thumbs up.
Then I hear the coach blow their whistle and we are off. I start to run my legs take over my body and all my nervousness comes rushing out of me. Minutes turn to seconds as I finish my first lap. Then second, third! Passing girls one by one. Finally, the finish line.
“Woah! We got a trailblazer on our hands!” the girls holding the red timer exclaims. I return to where the rest of the girls are and see Elle running towards me. I’m breathing heavy, but I feel good.
“That was amazing!” she yells her hazel eyes growing wide.
“Thanks! I can’t believe I worked myself up for a week over that.” We both laugh. Then they called my number for the 50 yard dash. I walk over to the track as a different person, no longer nervous or afraid of messing up. I run to the group of girls already standing there with confidence and ease. The coach blows a familiar whistle and we are off. I’m passing girls one by one and I come second.
“Your a whole new runner,” Elle tells me as I walk back towards her. I smiled back at her.
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