Descriptive Essay - Emergency Room

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Flashing red and blue lights accompanied by an alarming siren in the distance is signaled when the double doors of the emergency room burst open. Pushed by several nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, a lone hospital stretcher with a bloody, wounded patient flies through the medical center towards the doors to the operating room. This image is what generally comes to mind when you think about an emergency room. Many people believe that the hospital’s emergency room is a dark and scary place. While this is true, the common misconception is that the emergency room is a place clear of humor, when in reality humor is present, even necessary, for many reasons. Many television shows, like the show ER, are based in the setting of the …show more content…
Finally, humor keeps those that work in traumatic situations from becoming disheartened. Because of the nature of their work, most of the individuals that work in the ER have a high burnout rate. There are so many negative aspects of working in the ER that doctors and other workers cannot handle for an extended period of time. The anxieties due to the unknowns such as how many people will need medical attention, what the nature of their injuries are, etc. cause additional stress to an already stressful schedule. Because accidents can happen at any time, ER workers have to work at night, which is unappealing to many. Because of these negative aspects, ER work is very difficult, and many people who work in this environment eventually want out. Humor lightens the blow of many of these negative aspects, and at least makes working in the hospital a little more bearable. Humor keeps hospital staff from physically becoming depressed. With the mass number of illness, surgery, and death that they are encompassed with, working in the hospital can wipe out one’s physical energy and mental state of well-being. Humor offers a levity of the morose and depressing environment that they are surrounded by each day. The emergency room is not a room that people should take lightly. The very nature of its services that it provides to its clientele prove it to be a
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