Descriptive Essay : Ever Changing Path

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Ever-changing Path I started out on this journey of deciding what I wanted to be within the last couple of years. I knew I wanted to work with kids and I also knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the psychological field. This class has made me take a closer look at what specific career I want to focus on. In my first journal, I had decided that I wanted to learn and be certified in ABA therapy techniques. I still want to work with this technique, but I have narrowed it down to a specific master’s program: School Psychology. I began to look into this field more after a conversation I had with Dr. Grellner. I did a search for this career on O*NET and found that many of the responsibilities of this job would allow me to use my…show more content…
In order to have a well rounded application, I need a well rounded CV. Some of the biggest experiences that go into a CV are research assistantships and teaching assistantships. The first thing I want to take on is a teaching assistantship. According to Landrum and Davis (2014) chapter 7, a teaching assistantship helps build relationships with faculty members in a less time consuming way than a research assistantship. Since I work and go to school five days a week, I think that a teaching assistantship would suit my schedule better at this point in my life. I have already begun to talk to professors to see who I might be able to work with. Further into my undergraduate career I do want to get involved with research. In chapter 7 of The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success, some of the benefits of a research assistantship are listed. Some of the benefits include the opportunity to work with faculty, be involved in real-life experience, and practice writing in APA and using statistical methods (Landrum & Davis, 2014). Within the next year I plan to either talk directly to faculty members about getting involved in research or go to the research lab in the education building to find research opportunities. If possible, I would also like to maybe head my own research project.
Work Experience Chapter 8 of Landrum and Davis (2014) talks about the benefits
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