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Prologue I looked out onto what was left of the landscape before me one last time. I used to call this place home but it no longer resembles the one I used to know. “It’s funny how things can go from bad to worse in such a short amount of time” I thought to myself. What once used to be a beautiful blue sky full of puffy clouds shaped like anything that could be imagined was now grey and lifeless. The clouds are no longer white and puffy but dark and menacing. They are racing towards us with the impending storm. The buildings we are leaving behind are still tall and immaculate compared to the brown wasteland around them. There was no longer green in sight except for the vehicles and billboards.
From where my mother and I wait, I can see a large bird – a vulture I think – eating what looks like the body of a dead bald eagle. It breaks my heart to see my home like this. Iowa was once an area covered in vast prairies as far as the eye could see. Thunder crashes from overhead and I’m once again brought back to my reality. My mother and I are called forward, it’s our turn. The president of the United States is sending us underground, and daddy isn’t coming. Mommy said it’s because he’s sick and they don’t want him infecting others. Not to worry though, he won’t be alone. There are others staying behind.
“It’s time to go down now Andrew, wave goodbye to daddy” She whispers in my ear. I begin to frantically wave and yell over the anxious murmurs of the other families around
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