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While walking through the enormous open-gated entry, I glanced down at the freshly printed orange stamp on my hand and smiled to myself. Happy to be back, even though it was sweltering hot, I could not wait for the gut-wrenching fun I was about to enjoy. There seemed to be an ocean of enormous rides set out in front of me. All were shiny and carried the bright colors of the rainbow. Some towered above the rest, reaching great heights within the sky. I could hear the cheerful laughter of children at the carousel, their parents gleefully taking pictures, and the terrified screams of those being swung into the air by monstrous roller coasters. Soon, I got a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma of deep fried fair foods. There were all various kinds of frozen, fried, and baked treats waiting for hungry customers. There were hundreds of options to choose from! Although, I could almost taste the sugary sweet cotton candy I saw hanging in large bags next to a small stand. I would love to eat some of that after I was finished with the thrilling rides. After some careful consideration, I stood behind a medium sized line, anticipating what was about to come. The ride before me circled back and forth, dangling its passengers high in the air. All were screaming in delight, some even had their hands waving over their heads in brave determination. I could not wait! In front of me, I could see the excitement of two children, waiting to get on the same ride. Each had wavy blond hair; I could
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