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Struggles and difficulties will never be avoided; they are a part of life. And, whether we are ready or not, they are always going to happen. Life is ever changing, and as one season ends and those doors are closed, new seasons as well as new opportunities will come in place of those gone. As was the case this past year in football for me. For me, the most painful and most disheartening game one year (2016), then became the most amazing and elated game I would ever experience, the next year (2017).

It was the most anticipated game of the year; the game against our arch rivals. It was the Christian Cougars against the Wilco Falcons. Throughout the first half of the game, we kept it close. They scored one, we came right back and scored another. We fought hard to go into halftime trailing just 22-14. Coming out of halftime, however, the end came fast. We were shut down and blown out by 42 points in the second half of the game. In short, it quickly became a massacre; there was no hope for any sort of comeback. As the seconds to the end of the game counted down, the tears flooded my eyes and I stood numb on the sidelines. Finally, the clock hit zero, and the game was over. The Falcons won the battle with the staggering score of 64-14. The game left me with emotions that could never be replicated. Hurt by not only the loss but by the sharp words the opposing team delivered to me, the pain was unwavering. It was unquenchable. But through my tears that night, one

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