Descriptive Essay For A Wedding

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Once you’re ready with your wedding day prep and have finalized most major details like the venue, dresses, rings, food, and guest lists, you must start thinking about the photos. It’s going to be your red carpet moment and you want to look your best! You should be the center of attraction so that all eyes follow you.
Katie from likes to sit down with photographers well in advance and plan everything in detail to avoid any last minute surprises. She believes that the first step to looking great in weddings is to find the perfect photographer. Katie advises that you should meet several photographers before you settle down on one.
Let’s see how you can contribute to perfect wedding photos.
Select your Photo Style:
You should know what you want your ideal wedding photo to look like. There are three styles of wedding photography – photojournalistic (candid), traditional (posed and semi-staged), and artistic (creative angles/ unconventional photos). Once you know the kind of photos you would like, you should hunt and finalize a good photographer that fits your chosen style.
Select the Photographer:
First things first, fix a budget and don’t overstep it! We know it can be difficult, but you must not shake the budget of your wedding. An average couple spends approximately USD 2200 on wedding photos. When you are interviewing a photographer, ask to see the entire wedding photographs range. Not just the best shots.
Another important aspect is that you should get along with your photographer. You will probably be seeing your photographer more than your fiancé. It’s important to get along with him/her.
Mind your Body Language:
It’s very important to mind your body language. Avoid confrontational shots at all times. Candid photos are the best when you are smiling from your heart. Appear relaxed and calm and don’t keep searching for the camera during your wedding. Practice basic good posture. Don’t slouch when sitting in chairs and avoid getting food on your face and on your clothes.
Even if you’re nervous, it’s alright to smile. Your photographer might capture a splendid photo of the bride or groom nervous about the wedding. These things are natural and human. You will look fantastic. Don’t worry!

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