Descriptive Essay For Basketball

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5 jerseys are all I have ever worn in my basketball career for the Sixers, Dream Team, Stl Rising Stars, B-Mac Bounce, and NEMS. I love basketball but it's slowly coming to an end I'm getting tired of it. I've been playing basketball all my life, but every team I played for since I have gotten better. I learned new skills on each team such as defense, offense, and running plays and how to be a leader. I would have liked to be able to play in high school, but based off on how many days of suspension I have I can't. Basketball wasn’t just a sport to me it was my life I love playing it helps me mature and be a leader instead of getting in trouble and doing stuff I’m. It supposes to do. Sixers were my favorite AAU team and the Northeast middle was my school team I loved playing with both of those teams because I got to do anything I want and a player likes when coaches let you do what you want. I scored almost 15 points per game it was kinda normal, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me it was just me playing ball. When you're lost in a basketball game teammates tend to fight most of the time, but one person has to speak up and still have hope that the game isn’t over like I did in several games against reveries all you need to do is focus and just play because eventually the other team will get relaxed and start to argue and you Taunt then and they get more mad which takes their head somewhere else and your team won’t then you will come back and win.

John is sad and down
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