Descriptive Essay For Belmont University

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The place I will soon call my alma mater, Belmont University, is a place to discover one’s passions and dreams. At this institution, you begin to define yourself, find your true interest, and mold yourself into a God-fearing leader. Just as any other colleges, students transform into leaders, but what makes Belmont sets apart from the rest is our foundation. Belmont strives for their students to transform the world with disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith. I am grateful to be at an university that has molded me to be a firm believer of what I am passionate about, and taught me to use that energy to go from here to anywhere. This experience has allowed me to respect that others have an opinion despite how hateful or blindsighted they may be. Belmont has prepared me for the real world and work place as a minority student. I am constantly reminded that this world filled with various opinions, but the key is to learn how to educate those who are lost. As a society, we lack guidance in educating others and this serves as our biggest complexity. We tend to get frustrated with the other party’s opinion, but we do not properly educated them on why we feel the way we do or how to be open minded. This is where we lack understanding. By your third year here at Belmont, you should learn the best approach to mitigating disputes and holding uncomfortable discussions. We have clubs and organizations on campus that hold the conversations most are afraid to have.

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