Descriptive Essay : Forever Fixed

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Forever Fixed What is forever? Or rather how long is forever? Like when you were a kind and made a promise to always be friends or pals and over time they slip from your memory. Is that the end of forever? Or when you say you forever do something and you forget once or twice does forever stop and start again? Or is it the generic continuing on after the end of time? I surely don’t know and I don’t know if anyone knows how long forever is and the probably never will. But when you learn something important and change you make a beginning and that beginning determines your future and might be a forever…. It hurt. It felt like I was literally being crushed between a rock and a hard place. I was stuck. My leg was trapped and my…show more content…
So I would escape and ride my bike. Although I was so into leaving the house I did not go too far. No not because I was six, but because where I lived was perfect for me. See I live and a block of about seven houses on each side and we are the second from the street corner and right at the corner I would turn around and go down the other side of the streat. About half way through the neighbor 's street was a sewer creat and I found joy making little and big turns around it, about halfway in my little oval was our driveway. So really I was going about ten yards away from my house. But that was perfect for me, and that day was perfect. It was latter in the evening towards the end of summer so it was nice and warm out but not cold. The sun was just under the hills but not to far. When it is like that it seems to stay like that for a long time but that was great because it gave the sky a peaceful glow that seemed to fulfill the clear blue sky, the sky seemed to feel joyful when it is like this. How the light glowed through the trees it was as if the shadows were dancing with the light. the breeze was soft but nice pushing me and cooling me off. The time, the place, the view everything was perfect then when I was almost to where I would pass the drive way I lost my balance for a moment and fell over. I landed in a weird, trapped position. When I fell of it hurt a little but not to much so I was not crying. My foot was trapped with the pedal by the back
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