Descriptive Essay : ' Goodbye Dad '

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The heels of my shoes were clomping against the smoky blue floor, and the overpowering malodour of musky medicines, infused me with a sense of fear and even disgust. The subtle yellow walls didn’t make me feel welcome, and every time I brushed passed them, they filled me with a repugnant anxious feeling. The hairs on my arms were sticking up, and a chill ran down my spine from the coldness occupying the hallways. I saw my father lay still on the crisp white bed sheets, and my mother stuck by his side, gushing out tears. Each step closer I took, the raging fire inside me was slowly making me crumble. I couldn’t bear to look at my mother’s saddened face, let alone the vanishing of my father. But I would not leave him without saying goodbye. I stroked my father’s hair in a final and optimistic attempt to restore the once healthy smile, but now his weaknesses consumed him. “Goodbye Dad, I have always loved you. Thank you for guiding me on my journey to adulthood and success. Thank you for everything. Your heart was always filled with love and happiness, and your mouth always spoke great words of wisdom…and I swear I will live by them till my light fades away. I love you so much dad. Rest In Peace”.

As mum and I drove home listening to the agonising pain of silence, the sunrays began to fracture from the thick morning clouds, slowly engulfing the open expanse with natural sunlight. Except, the only thing that was still waiting to be cast by a light, was the darkness that…

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