Descriptive Essay : ' Halloween '

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Ah, Halloween. It’s probably one of my most favorite holidays. Not only because of the mass amounts of candy that people fill their backpacks and pockets with, but also because of the wonderful frights we all get to experience. Whether it’s through scary movies, haunted houses, or even creepy séances you have with your friends. This year however, I was stuck with cleaning up after the Halloween dance alone. That’s right; no one else was available to help so I got stuck with cleaning almost the entire school on my own, and on Halloween of all days! So, here I am just waiting for the final few drunken people to leave before I tend to my duties which will surely take all night if not longer. I stood in the front doorway, peering out at the…show more content…
As I did, I heard another click and the lights went out which caused me to jump a little. “This isn’t funny!” I called out a little louder this time and waited a moment to see if anything would happen. All I received was an eerie silence with the occasional wind gust swiping at the skylights. I began to walk very slowly down the hallway while looking every which way. “I dearly hope someone is behind this. No, don’t think like that! There are no such things as ghosts or anything of the sort!” I continued down the hallway practically trembling at this point. “Crunch!” I jumped back and let out a small squeal as I heard a loud crunch. “What was that?!” I yelled into the darkness. I fumbled around in my pocket to try to find my phone to use as a flashlight. There was scuffling coming from nearby, though I couldn’t tell if I was just imagining it at this point. “Come out!” My voice filled the hallways now. I closed my eyes partially and held my phone out to see what had made the crunching sound. The scuffling stopped just as I slowly opened my eyes to see nothing, but a squished plastic bottle on the ground in front of me. I let out a sigh of relief and bent down to grab the bottle and place it in my garbage bag. One of the lights at the end of the hall then turned on and flickered a few times as I stood up. What looked like a shadowy figure went around the corner in an almost inhumane speed. “Hey! Come back here!” I jogged down the hall towards the
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