Descriptive Essay : How To Start A Day

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Once our day gets going it is the easiest thing in the world to get swept away by the routine, the urgent (which, by the way, is quite different from the important), the latest minor crisis (which probably seems major at the time) or, most common of all, the endless stream of useless thought that simply distracts us. Even if you have made the effort and started your day properly, it is simply all too easy to become submerged in the cares and worries of the moment and, as a result, revert to our default state of unfocused mindlessness.

So, first things first, what does starting your day properly mean? Well, none of us would even think about leaving the house physically unprepared for the day ahead. We wash and dress ourselves - shaving or applying the odd dab of make-up as appropriate! On the other hand, most of us unwittingly leave the house each morning completely and totally mentally unprepared for the day ahead. Starting the day properly means ensuring that, before you leave the house, you have taken the appropriate step or steps to clear your mind and focus y energy.

Practical Tip #1

I recommend five to ten minutes 'mental preparation' for the day ahead. Find somewhere quiet, where you won't be disturbed, to sit and focus on what your five senses are telling you - one sense at a time. This ensures that you're focused on what is actually going on rather than simply letting your subconscious mind's programs automatically run your life. Remember, if you don't do this,
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