Descriptive Essay - Hunted And Oppressed

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Hunted and oppressed. They have nothing better to do with their inhuman life 's. They are falcons, yet I 'm feeble prey, fragile and forlorn, trying to escape being snatched up in an instance. Why is making my life a misery any beneficial to them? I will never understand. Pretending their life 's are great, never better, but how could that be possible, false pretences to subdue their inner conscience and to accept the truth by never breaking away from their blood-thirsty and voracious lifestyles — which they have become accustomed. Sneaking up for their next power fix. There victory is a forgone conclusion, their ego at my weak expense guaranteed. Feeding of me like prey, leaving energised and buzzing, consequently, I felt drained and…show more content…
Why did I just run from them? Why did I not just accept they were going to swoop down on me at a vast speed? They would have caught me anyway, I should have taken the pain there and then, but I hoped there was a chance. Just thinking of them made me so upset, upset that I can never stand up to them. Pursuing on my laborious walk home, I pretended that their attack was oblivious, trying to erase the vivid event from my memory till I got safety back home. No one must know. I could not sleep that night. I realised. I finally realised everything. I realised why I just ran away from them. I realised why I was just like prey to them. I realised it all. The intricate, complex crowd ensnared them. Controlled by their own group they created and I knew, without a doubt, that they behaved in a way in which anyone who is not part of it is unable to understand. But I did. They all squawk when one squawks; They all devour when one devours; They all attack when one attacks. It suddenly remembered me of that horrific feeling of being trapped like a defenceless rabbit, being so scared of what could happen, ergo being paralysed and transfixed by your surroundings. Not knowing what the future held frightened me and I had no one to run to. I was only running from my fears, suffering in unbearable pain, conversely, this was my only coping mechanism. Is this my life for the rest of the school year ? At first, I thought that if I gave it time, then

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