Descriptive Essay : I Introvert ( 16 % )

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I-Introvert (16%) As an Introvert, I am thought oriented, reserved, reflective, and observant. Completing the Jung Typology Test, showed me that I am not as introverted as some people would imagine. Only 16% of my personality belongs in the category. When I first meet people or start a new task, I tend to show signs of being introverted; however, that part of my personality tends to not last long. Introverts are known to prefer to be alone over social settings, my percentage shows that my preference of being alone does not last long and or only found in certain occasions. In these situations, I purposely control when and how I should interact. However, the test is accurate by outlining the fact that as a rule, my contacts are low…show more content…
Thinking also requires me to make objective decisions verses subjective ones that are found in the feeling classification. Human resource professionals should have some parts of the feeling trait when dealing with some personnel issues, however, the overarching decisions that will be made should reflect the use of thinking. Thinkers seek to determine how logical decisions are and how will it affect the company or organization. When I make a decision, I like to find the basic truth or principle to be applied, regardless of the specific situation involved. I like to analyze pros and cons, and then be consistent and logical in deciding. I try to be impersonal, so I won 't let my personal wishes--or other people 's wishes--influence me. (The Myers & Briggs Foundation, 2017) J-Judging (49%) The last category is judging and perceiving. I have always considered myself as being organized, systematic, achievement oriented, and a planner (Portrait of an INTJ, n.d.) . I scored higher as judging in which I prefer things to be orderly, not confusing and disorganized. I am an avid planner. I like to have a plan for each activity that I am involved in. Any last minute changes to my plans are frowned upon. In the busy world of human resources and personnel, being a judger is definitely a strength when it comes to process and procedures, however, it could be look on as a weakness within a large

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