Descriptive Essay : I Love River Park Square

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Memories are something that you will be able to keep forever. Places that I visit and create a fond memory in, will be a place that I will continue to return to. I love River Park Square because it has some great restaurants that live up to the expectations that I uphold. The Melting Pot, and Twigs Bistro are my favorite restaurants to visit due to the aroma and taste of the food that they serve, and River Park Square has a greater functionality to me than other places I could go to because of the good memories that I have made.
When I hear people talking about being downtown, my mind instantly thinks of all the great smells of the food in River Park Square. It is so nice to have the variety of choices, if I am in the mood for sushi, Mexican, or bistro food, everything is there within grasp. I could go on and on listing the types of restaurants there are. One of my favorite restaurants I like to visit is the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. Most of the time I just go for dessert, but the dinner is just as good. The dinner consists of getting little cubes of raw meat that you stick on a skewer, which then will get boiled in the broth of your choosing. The smell of the savory broth, meats and cheese’s, and the faint hint of desserts fill the air with their delectable aromas. It could be definitely considered a salty smell; you don’t entirely smell the sweet until the chocolate is brought to your table. The dessert is the best, and consists of melted chocolate of your

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