Descriptive Essay - I Use Like The Sky

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I used to like the sky. ____________ Ripples in the ocean weren 't seen from the window. I was up much too high, Above the clouds. It was beautiful up high, where the people on Earth couldn 't be seen. Like they didn 't exist. I was in a jet, a private jet. I was waiting to arrive in Seattle, Washington. I came all the way from Japan to see America. I could see the shore of Washington already. How long has it been? I 've lost track of time. Time didn 't exist anyways. I closed my eyes for a fleeting moment, to be greeted by the darkness that consumed me every second of my life. My eyes opened quickly after. I didn 't want to be lost once again. By the time I found my way back to reality, the jet was landing. It felt nice to be closer…show more content…
His dyed hair looked soft, but was stringy, and felt like fried ramen. Last, and least needed, theres me. Tooru Oikawa. So called "great king." I was below average in my opinion. Yes, I looked amazing, but where did that ever get anyone? I was trash. Iwa-chan reminded me every day. He didn 't know that his stupid nicknames actually got to me. Trashykawa, Shittykawa. It didn 't matter anyways. It never did. I should stop being so depressing. I had dark hazelnut hair, fairly soft. To match, I had chocolate brown eyes, a bit darker that Mr. Refreshing 's. I 've heard there 's a few tourist attractions in Seattle. The space needle, I believe. I looked down at my list of attractions to visit. The Pacific Science Center? Where were we going to stay? I forgot. "Suga-chan, do you remember where we 're staying?" I asked, looking at the gorgeous man before me. We were all out of high school. Most of us stayed connected. Some of us didn 't. It made us sad when we suddenly lost connection with someone. Especially when we hear about their funeral the next week. "We 're staying at one of my close friends houses. Dez, remember?" He responded with a smile. The announcement came on that we were to get off the jet. We did so with no problem. We were told our luggage was already at this 'Dez ' person 's house. ×TimeSkip× "Koushi-chan!" A deep female voice exclaimed. The next moment, Sugawara-san was on the wet concrete, under a fairly tall girl. She had
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