Descriptive Essay - I 'm Pregnant

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“I’m pregnant,” I said. I shift from one foot to another, tugging on the bottom of my shirt. Matt is sitting on the couch, the video game across the screen behind me paused, the remote on the coffee table forgotten.
“Did you hear what I said? We are going to have a baby.” His blank expression and lack of words tell me more than if he’d said anything at all. I wait, hoping he’d say something, anything. Instead he stands up and walks to the fridge and pulls out a Bud Light. The snap of the can and the whir of the air conditioner is all that fills the silence. I’m stunned, realizing, again, how stupid I am. What could possibly make me think Matt would react any differently? I told you Brenna, I will never be a father, so don’t count on it.
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Whose name is on the lease?” he said. I stare at him, my teeth clench, my hands hanging loosely by my side. “Don’t be stupid. Go to the clinic and take care of this. We both know you have no business having a baby.” He leans back, chucks my chin, and goes back to his game, oblivious to the ultimatum he has given me. Or perhaps he is aware, but knows I’ll cave, like always, and do what he says.
I walk to our bedroom and slowly lower myself to the bed. I gently place my hands on my stomach. I could, as Matt suggested, take care of it, but I found myself wondering. What if this was my chance to start over? To try again. This could be my chance to change my life, to affect someone else positively. I could keep my job and find another place to live. And I’d have a chance to be the only thing I’ve ever wanted: a mother. I shake my head. What am I thinking? I’m a rebellious 25-year-old woman who has never held down a steady job. What started out as rebellion and fun, has turned into a life of endless parties, dirty apartments, dead end jobs, and countless and shallow lovers. Matt is proof of just how stupid my decisions are.
I stand up, walk to the bathroom, and splash water on my face. I lean against the sink and look at my reflection. The dull blonde hair and big round blue eyes stand out against my pale skin and grey lips. I wonder if everyone, at some point in their life, looks in the mirror and wonders who it is staring back at them.
I grab
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