Descriptive Essay : Island Of Fun

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Advanous Island of Fun

Wet, slippery, and the warmth of of the sun equals joy and excitement. My favorite place to explore has food, swimming trunks, and relaxed.Water surround the whole place.Screaming and laughter on long and high tracks.I like the beach and employees there.There yellow and round that you use to go around the lazy river.The long curvy place to float and relax in goes around the entire place.
I jump up from a queen size platform that gives you comfort and relaxes the body when sleep.I made up the queen size platform and opened the long brown shaped object next to my bed to let light shine to brighten up the room. I proceeded my usual routine. Plans were to visit the outdoor adventure enthusiastic outdoor area.My mom
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The park began to gain more and more people during lunch time. The lazy river stretched around the entire park. The lazy river was the longest water pool in the park. Lazy river is a relaxing ride it you around the whole park.I use a round yellow floater with handles on each side to hold.My brother, cousin, and I went round the lazy river twice chasing each other.Running through water slowed me down by the friction under the water. After I got out of the lazy river I begin to smell nachos and hotdogs.My stomach began to growl.We place our food on the table and sat down to eat. After I finished eating I flew back to the water.My body cool down from the steaming hot sun. By this time the park rides lines were extremely long. So I had to wait for a while to ride more rides but I still was excited.I began to rides over and over.
There was a aquarium pool where I went underwater to look at the fish and other sea creatures. They were beautiful swimming through the crystal blue water. I left the aquarium pool and rode a very long water slide.That was the last ride I rode.I slowly walked out the park tried out of my mind. We left the park and rode to get some to eat again.We ate at
Olive Garden. I ate triangle cheese sticks.
The cheese sat in my mouth and dissolved on my tongue. There were not that many people in Olive Garden but the food felt good in my belly.We stop and looked through TJ Maxx. We didn’t stay very long cause we felt sleepy.We got a
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