Descriptive Essay : ' Just Around The River Bend '

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“Just around the river-bend...Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum?” If you’ve ever heard this song from Pocahontas, then you know that this part of the song relates to many aspects of life. This song reflects the decision that my best friend and I made this summer. My best friend, Julia, and I are a very outdoorsy pair and are avid fishers. Naturally, our first choice of entertainment is something outdoor related. We decided that the week I leave for my Colorado trip, the day before her birthday, we decided that we would spend the whole day together. The plan was that we wake up at 9am and kayak the Floyd River starting by Newkirk and ending in Alton under the bridge, on the other side of Roadside. That day…show more content…
There was two different ways to go, the longer path, which was the smoothest course that would add on time or the path that was half the size but was rocky and would be like white water rafting on a babbling brook. We, being the adventurous/amazing decision makers we are, chose the rockier part. We paddled right and the water level started getting lower and lower to the point to where the kayaks were so shallow where we were bottoming them out on rocks. The first thing that came to mind was Julia, I think we picked the wrong path. By this time, it was too late to turn back so we had to keep going forward. The kayaks were still getting stuck and wouldn’t move anymore so we had to get out and pull them behind us as our bare feet were prodded by the rocks that were as sharp as knives. Our feet were getting stabbed by the rocks and were getting wrapped up in the mosses and weeds. We got through the rocks and were on the other side to only realize that our net had fallen out of the kayak. We left the kayaks and scurried through the rocks again to find it back at the beginning of the rocks. Take the path less traveled they said, it’ll be fun they said. (4) We quickly noticed that the kayaks were free and were floating away. With much pain, we ran back over the rocks and like the Jesus Christ Lizards on water (7). I remember us holding hands and looking at each other and half laughing, have wincing at the pain, saying “I regret my life decisions,” (3) and

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