Descriptive Essay Kim Kung Gi

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Kim Jung Gi is a South Korean artist whose work have gained millions of people’s attention over the course of a few years. He is most famous for his ability to visualize the drawing and he also able to draw without any photographic references (Gi, 2017).
“I observe things all the time. I don’t take references while I’m drawing, but I’m always collecting visual resources. I observe them carefully on daily basis, almost habitually. I study images of all sorts and genres”

With this incredible gift, Jung Gi is invited all over the world to preform drawing shows rather than the more conventional papering art beforehand and showing it in a gallery, using ink and pen he can create complex and detailed scenes without using a reference and draws them in front of a crowd.

When looking for your ideal juxtaposition what contracting effects do you consider and why do your grantee towards the one you use today?
Juxtaposition means opposites right. In my works the thing that juxtapose are the themes, using a fish eye lenses I create a combination of fantasy and reality with a hint of Sci-fi, all thought I love fantasy I also have a huge fascination with people’s lives, places I have been and have experiences and I thing that it far more dramatic and insightful then a fantastical world (Kim Jung Gi, n.d.). I mainly use ink and brush pens so there isn’t much colour in my works, however I feel that the detail really brings my work to life. I love to draw epic battles and giant half human
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