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Marina Malandro

Geography: Korea is a 750-mile-long peninsula located in the eastern part of the Asian continent bordering the East Sea and the Yellow sea. Seoul is the country’s capital. Nowadays the country is split into South and North Korea, There are many mountains in South Korea. They are small compared to many others around the world. Over millions of years, their peaks have been worn down by harsh weather such as wind and rainfall. Most of them are below 3,300 feet. On South Korea 's Jeju Island high humidity and rainfall. This has caused tropical evergreen jungles. The peninsula is also surrounded by roughly 3,000 volcanic islands. (National Geographic) The climate in South Korea exemplifies for seasons. These seasons
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Lee Sung-gye founded the Joseon dynasty after taking it from the king, Goryeo. The Joseon dynasty led as one of the longest running monarchs, which ran from 1392 to 1910, where the Japanese seized Korea from the recently declared Korean Empire. Japan could control Korea due the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty, following the Russo-Japanese War. Japan had colonized Korea by having the nation trade with japan. In a colony where the colonizer has removed the hierarchy of that country, you were subject to slavery or murder if you did not pay your taxes. In 1937, the eruption of the Sino-Japanese war and World War II let the Japanese to try and erase Korean culture. The Japanese tried to change what the school system taught, Korean language, and their history. While WWII was going on the Japanese had “Tens of thousands of men conscripted into Japan’s military.” They had also subjected 200,000 Korean girls and women as “comfort women”, which were sex slaves. In 1943 Russia, Britain, and USA held a conference in Cairo where they discussed the situation Korea was in. It was decided that “Korea shall become free and independent” (NewWorldEncyclopedia, 1). One year later the Allies help another conference on Yalta, USSR. At the conference the allies were talking about the post-war plans for Europe. They decided Korea will be established in a “Four-power trusteeship” (NewWorldEncyclopedia, 1). Soviet tanks were able to

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