Descriptive Essay : ' Me, Myself, And I '

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“Me, Myself, and I”

I’m from the foreign language that my family communicates with. I’m from the cold blister winter and the blazing, melting sun. I’m from the place where the explorers traveled to discover America. I’m from the mountainshills layered with a covered white blanket that I swim to the end. From visiting every year to exploding when leaving. From the ancient city to the modern me, there is always something to explore. I am from the urban but, agricultural town where all to see is beautiful. I’m from the Italian Country.The most magical place in the world, Padua, Italy.

I’m from having the most responsibilities. I’m from having to divide everything with my brother like he is becoming me, but with another person connected to
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I am from the horse gallop as me and my horse Baby move up to the jump… “and we are over.” The moving spirit of having to play ball or compete.

I’m from the smell of freshly baked cookies that could feed me for the rest of my life. I’m from the magical smell of the pie that has a hot red tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese no one can resist. I am from the heartfelt noodles with the creamy pesto sauce that is like a wonder that no one can resist. I’m from the delicate macaroon that sits in the front waiting for me to come and taking the most colossal chomp. I’m from the shivering delightful bite of my grandmother’s cake as it gets consumed in a minute. I’m from the melting chocolate savory deliciousness that gets dipped in with a strawberry, and it is like a melting glacier. I’m from the screaming honey smell clearing out my nose having to believe it will one day be the heart and soul of me. From the salty tooth that I obtain you can always see a sweet tooth on the outside.

I’m from the repetition of work. As a thunderstorm of tears when I fail. As always a sun will appear and melt my heart with the care it gives to me. The new system is a fire that you have to up in time. Sometimes the fire becomes tremendous and sometimes it narrows down. It always depends on if you try or not. You will never accomplish anything if you don’t try, try again. You will become the most horrible failure in the world if you do not
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