Descriptive Essay : ' Monsieur Morsirisse ' By Simone De Valfort

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I was still waiting in the library, when she entered, holding lazily out her hand to me. “Monsieur Morsirisse! Je suis la Baronne Simone de Valfort,” she said, with a bit of hoarseness in the throat that gave her voice a strange but warm quality, as well as a deeper sonority which sensual accents, I’ll never forget. I could not tell how old she was, for she was the kind of women that remains untouched by time. The passing years had been unable to alter her youthful complexion, and if she realistically could have been forty, her beauty was certainly half her age. “Enchanté, Madame.” I answered, clumsily bowing to her. My mouth came so close to the hand she had negligently presented to me that I could taste the sweetness of her skin on my lips. “My husband is in his office, he will see you there,” she said, pulling distractedly away the hand which I had kept near my thin mustache perhaps longer than I realized. “Before that,” she added, “may I have a word with you?” “At your service, Madame,” I answered in a voice that I had difficulty identifying as my own. She nodded, satisfied, and walked toward the armchair previously occupied by Santéglise. As I was observing this remarkable woman, I noticed that she was struggling inside. Her gestures had the same inutility as nervous tics. She kept wiggling in her chair, changing position, but after having found herself successively back in the same spot, she finally gave up on the idea of ‘relocating’ her body within the

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