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MOUNTAIN CREEK STATE HIGH SCHOOL Homo neanderthalensis- The Beginning of Modern Man Term 4 VAN EGMOND, Kirby 11/3/2014 Key Words Archaic Ancestor Anthropologist Evolution Monogenesis mtDNA Multiregional Neanderthals Homo neanderthalensis-The Beginning of Modern Man Introduction In the early 1800s, knowledge of the variety and characteristics of living things became detailed enough for some natural scientists to begin questioning the origin of species and the arrival of humans on earth. This spurred Charles Darwin to embark upon the Galapagos Islands to investigate and understand principles of evolution and natural selection. Techniques of fossil dating was later discovered and lead to many unearthing’s relating to our human ancestors. A study of the fossil record shows how characteristics that developed in our ancestors opened the way for further changes, which led to the appearance of modern humans. After this the structure of DNA was published and protein synthesis and characteristics of organisms could be understood. The question of ‘How long have humans been around?’ has several possible answers. Modern-looking humans have been around for 100 000 years and our species fossils go back 20 000 years at least. The genus Homo is 2 million years old, and the family hominid, of which we are the only surviving line, is 4 million years old as seen in the timeline below. Some of our ancestors include Australopithecus africanus, Homo habilis, and Homo

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