Descriptive Essay : Mud Tortillas

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Mud Tortillas Thinking about it now I don’t know if this is a mental image or a picture. I really don’t know. The image is so well known yet so distant. Kinda like it 's being erased from my brain. I guess its time doing its thing. I visualize the image in a blurry 480p quality. Taken with an early 2009 camera with a mix of bad lighting. The picture is about me. The boy maybe 4, 5 or even six, stands with his hands loosely fitted over his lap. Two parallel bricks rest on rich earthy brown soil beneath him. He is surrounded by scattered trees which are in need desperate of springs love and nourishment. And right behind him there 's a mound of dark logs that have settled into a sadden state. The background that surrounded me all seemed to…show more content…
The courtyard was in itself was an instance in means of contrast. Almost in the same way that a sandy beach contrasts with the deep marine waters. Furthermore, the courtyard had its own identical form of beauty. Just like the sandy beach gleams in the sun. Similarly, the courtyard glistened with the dry dirt that ran onto its shore. The place was far more longer than it was wide. It was almost three or four times longer than it was wide. The wooden logs blocked your view straight on only allowing you to see above them, and directly above where staggering dark evergreen pines, which stood colossal making you feel alien to your own premises. As hard as I can remember the, the backyard had always been the setting of my childhood. I recall the time a pregnant cat moved into the logs and made home. She had a bunch of babies. I can also recall the tree house my dad had built in the middle of the yard and also the pumpkin that naturally sprung to life. This backyard was really something else. One of the most vivid and outstanding memories of my childhood occurred in the backyard. When I was younger, I went to a festival. At this festival, I remember my parents had bought me an orange shiny helium balloon. Within minutes I would have let it go into the vast night,which shined with scattered lights. Only to go home and wake the next day to find it in the crevices of the dam that lay in the backyard. It had run low on helium and had already fallen was just low enough for me to

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