Descriptive Essay : My 13th Birthday

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Today is my 13th birthday, April first 2150. I’m currently in my room watching tv on what I like to call a wiiidescreen tv, but is actually a screen that covers all walls of my room. My parents call it a room screen, but that’s too boring. Anyway, today is a terrible day for someone to have a birthday, especially so when you have prank-loving friends. Well, let’s see how the day goes. I tap the buttons following me in the air, powering down the wiiidescreen Television. Two hexagon shaped options pop up in front of me. The left hexagon has a picture of clothing, the right one has another picture of clothing with a red x over it. Tapping the left hexagon, I stand up. Multiple clothing options pop up in front of me, including hats, shirts,…show more content…
Confusion piles on and on. How’d I end up here again?, I ask myself. I wait for an answer but none forthcome. I run down the hallway, not stopping till I reach to the end. Exhaustion overcomes me. Huffing, I put my hands on my knees, recovering from my run. Taking a few steps I enter a open space with two feet high wood planked wall around three sides and a wooden floor. Also in the room, or should I say through the room is a tree trunk, smack dab in the center. Above the short wall is open space and blue sky. That’s when I realize what I’m in. “A treehouse.” I exclaim in amazement. At this point my exhaustion lessens. Yay, no more running. Thump. For a moment I was confused what made the sound, then I noticed I was face to floor with a plank. The edges of my vision darkens. I pass-out, again. I wake up. My vision slowly clearls and I realize that… again I’m by the door with no doorknob. “Urgh, huckleberries, more running!” Actually, maybe not. Turning toward the door I Decide to try a new tactic. I punch the door. My fist bounces off and smacks into my face. I send myself flying a couple feet down the corridor. That’s a weird concept: sending myself flying. Oh huckleberries, I’m not trying to become Superman. Then the pain hits me like a hammer to the face. “Ow, ow, ow, ow.” I whimper, rising back to my feet. Well at least I know it’s effective on something. Glaring at the door, I turn and stumble down the

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