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My Colors The world is neither just black or white, neither are people. We aren’t even shades of grays. Instead, we are in multitudes of colors, from one end of the rainbow to another. So why limit describing yourself with one characteristic. Nobody is strictly evil, noble, or athletic. People are a mixture of personalities, but just some characteristics stand out more than others. If I had to list out my personality, I would say I’m an arrogant, straightforward, yet cheerful person. Being straight forward have multiple results that follows. The consequences are unpredictable, but we can at least agree on that they are either pleasant or terrifying. As of now, during the seventeen years of my life, I owned multiples incidents that under…show more content…
As our walk continued, I remembered the correct way was to keep walking north and turned left on a certain road. “I’m positive we turn on this street!” I exclaimed. “Um, I don’t know Yi Wen. I’m sure it’s the next street.” Yi Ling questioned. “Well, the world is round. I’m sure we will get there eventually.” I announced happily. At that time I admit I was certainly acting arrogant. I could have listened to my twin sister, but instead, I insisted on turning left when I shouldn’t have. I didn’t plan on what consequences I might face if I found myself on the wrong street, I just thought everything was going to be okay. Ultimately, we had to asked a lady in the neighborhood for the routes to IPS (Indiana Public Schools) #15. Thankfully she was a kind lady, or we don’t know where we could have ended up today. Growing up, I have always been arrogant but not mean. In my parents restaurant I love to help around, taking customer 's orders (well, sort of, since mom was next to me), cleaning tables, and packing take out. When the customers had to sit and wait, I naturally walked up to them with a smile across my face and starts a conversation. They normally found me amusing for I didn’t have the English language mastered yet, therefore, we were just talking gibberish to each other. However most customers leave the restaurant with cheery faces, either because

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