Descriptive Essay : My Dream

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In my dream, I am in a small boat in rough waters. It is a dark night, with a full moon, dark clouds filling the horizon. I am sitting in a small wooden boat in the ocean or large lake. I cannot see land in any direction. The waters are rough, with large waves rocking the boat. The waves are so rough they are causing water is spray into my face. I am afraid that the boat will tip over and I will drown. I hold on to the sides with both hands. Suddenly up ahead I can see large rocks in the water, large waves crashing against the dark gray slick sides. My boat is going to hit them. Suddenly I am traveling between the rocks standing stark and cold on both sides. My small boat travels between several of them and into a rushing river. I am full of dread, I will certainly sink and drown. I travel down the rushing river. There are high, dark cliffs on both sides. In the distance I can see the cliffs ending and the river disappearing out of my sight. As I travel closer and closer I can hear the sounds of a waterfall. I travel down the river, between the cliffs and over a large waterfall. I fall from a great height, walking up in my bed, still filling as though I will drown. Working With The Dream A small boat in rough water feels like I am out of control. Control is an allusion. It is dark and I do not know where I am or where I am going. I am in a small boat alone like life that is sometimes solitary and must be traveled alone. Life can sometimes feel rough

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