Descriptive Essay : My Favorite Camping Spots

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I love to travel to new places, both near and far. I have traveled through Asia, taken a veranda ride in Europe, even rode a camel in Africa, but my favorite places are right here in my home state of Oregon. Timothy Lake, a popular summer retreat along the base of Mount Hood and Seaside, a small but popular oceanfront community on the Pacific Ocean. My two favorite places are rather different from one another, just as my two grandmothers were extremely different. Camping and outdoor sports have always been passions of mine. I love the aroma of pine needles, and the sounds of birds chirping as the sun greets a new day. There is a sense of calmness in the wilderness lost from the bustling city life. One of my favorite camping spots is on the shores of Timothy Lake, an oasis near the base of Mount Hood. To reach Timothy Lake, you stroll through the woods on a small dirt path littered with fallen leaves that rustle under your footsteps. Sunlight, filtering through a thick canopy of trees, dances on the ground. Pine cones fall from the trees, sending birds scattering in a rush. The aroma of the damp earth is sharp in your nose as you approach the water’s edge. Upon reaching the water’s edge, you can hear the ‘plopping’ sound of a fish breaking the surface, causing ripples in the water. Gazing around, you see the sun shining brightly on the turquoise water, casting shadows from the variety of beautiful trees surrounding the lake. A cool, gentle breeze fills the air with the

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