Descriptive Essay: My First Chemaker In The Field

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The sun burns my eyes and I can barely see, it’s a hot thursday night, people cheering runs through my head, and the pressure is on. Everyone’s attention is on me. It’s a sunny Friday and AC DC is blasting my ears to get me ready for the big game that's this afternoon. It’s our championship game and i've worked 2 months straight for this game and it’s finally here. All the burns, sweat, and the effort is now today going to be shown. I walk into the dugout,
“How do you feel about being the starting pitcher?” asked Coach
“Oh my gosh yes I would love to!”
“Great get warmed up”
`This is all i’ve ever wanted, be starting pitcher in our championship game. Anxiety drops into my head and I get all scared. What if I lose this game for us? What if all this work I put in doesn't show? I try to clear my mind as I was warming up, SMACK 59 mph right down the inside middle
“Yes that was perfect, all day Claire” Coach screamed across the field
Anxiety creeps away and i’m refreshed ready for the game to start. The first batter steps up to the plate and I start my motion BAM a 60 mph right down the middle, the batter cracks it to center field and Hailee catches it! Okay first batter out 2 more to go, shortstop catches a ground ball and now
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Coach high fived me at third and I glanced at at the scoreboard and it 13-13 were tied and there's one minute left I just need to get home and we win the championship. Ashleighs up to bat and she has one strike and one ball the next ball the pitcher throws is a ball but goes past the catcher and I sprint home like never before and slid for the win and the catcher didn’t get there in time! WE WON all that pain i've gone through has been relieved knowing that i won this game and that all my effort paid off in the
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