Descriptive Essay : My Grandmother Is No Longer Alive

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Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.—Euripides.
For many nights, only these words kept bouncing around my head. Leaving me to curl up on myself. Hoping to sleep and dream about her, dream of all the good memories spent in her company. Yes, my grandmother is no longer alive. All I have left to cherish are those pleasant memories, and delightful images ingrained inside of my head. This deep, big hole of ache buried inside me, will never go away. Cause I will never stop missing her.

July 18, 2000, a typical scorching summer day in Marrakesh. Almost two decades ago, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. July was the hottest month of the year, which makes outing impossible all through the day. Since there is no beach in
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Thus we waited impatiently for her to finish the call to ask. ' 'I 'm coming. Now! ' ' is what we heard her say before hanging up the phone. ' 'What 's happening? ' ' my bigger sister asked, while following her down the hall. My mom looked at her and said ' 'Muima (grandmother), She 's extremely ill ' '. She continued her way to the bedrooms where she shoved few pajamas and anything we could use. We moved with haste to the car, our delicious dinner long forgotten. On the way to my grandmother 's house, my mother called my father, who was at work, to meet us there.

Once arrived, I went directly to my grandmother 's room. She was laying there, in her bed, incapacitated and listless. Her eyes were closed, her face sallow and transformed by the malady. I jumped at her and kissed her pale cheeks thinking she would kiss me back and hold me tight. But this time she didn 't. She just smiled at me and kissed me slightly. ' 'How are you doing sweety? ' ' she said through labored breaths. I responded: ' ' Fine, and you Muima? ' ' She didn 't respond. A few seconds later, my aunt took my hand and walked me to the living room, saying: ' 'Don 't be sad sweety, Muima is not feeling well today. ' '
What could possibly make her feel this way? Is it the subsequent surgery she had gone through the last week? ... A lot of questions, with no answers, were running through my mind. I was too young to understand what was happening. One thing I was certain about is I didn 't want

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