Descriptive Essay : My Hockey Game

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Today, I’m not going to miss the game. I instinctively ran through the hallways as I 've done throughout every Friday. My hockey game is always on Friday we have a match against another AA team, sometimes we lose and sometimes we win but today’s the big game, I can’t be late. While running I took two immense steps one at a time down and out the stairwell. “ Not going to be late, Not going to be late.” I just repeated this phrase in my head over and over again as I dashed out the main entrance, nudged someone and squeezed my way through the automatic door.

The inside of the bus was so cramped with so many people, its really starting to smell in here. My back is pressed against some other chum. God! It smells awful in here. The ride must be over by now. I periodically gaze out the window, just one more stop. I get off and flee from the horrid smell of the bus to the Metro station, a couple of people behind are exiting from the same bus that I got off however most of them seem to not be in such a rush. I realized as I glanced back that the same guy that was behind me on the bus is running too. As I proceed to swiftly open the door, I turn around to see that he’s a foot 's length behind me.The train is right there, I can’t open the door for him, who knows if I’ll even make it on time. I run unsurpassed, disregard his disappointed frown, and start bolting full speed for the incoming train. Whatever I think, what’s the worse that can happen?
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