Descriptive Essay : My New Home Country

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Remembering my feeling as i stood in front of millions of cheering people with a paralytic gold medal around my neck, the flash of the cameras, blinded my eyes. My feet trembled in my gymnastic shoes. As I looked to my left i saw the silver Paralympic medalist, representing Vietnam. My home country. But I wasn 't representing them. I was representing Australia. My new home country. The gymnast reminded me of my sister and her long silky black hair, and the last time it softly brush past my arm as she sat beside me on my bamboo bed. she was saying her good byes. I remember her telling me,‘It’s been a long hard journey, now freedom awaits.’

It was a disquieting experience, it saddened me that i would be leaving my family and culture like the music, cuisine, and the festivals and events. But the thought of stepping into a new country I new nothing about excited me and the knowledge of Australia 's mate-ship made me feel at ease.
Stepping off the plane I instantly Fell in love with the sun burnt country. Just as Dorothea MacKellar said, ’Who has gazed into her eyes is hers while life is in his veins.’ As soon as I set foot on Australian soil, I was transfixed by her beauty. As i walked along the tarmac a warm breeze rustled my hair In the wind, the birds sung, Singing songs of all genres. They have a language, All of their own, With many different accents.’

The drive to Victoria park was incredible, The sky rises, new cars, good tar roads. I have never witnessed anything
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