Descriptive Essay - My School Bus Broke Down On The Way Home

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When I was in the second grade my school bus broke down on the way home and we had to call for a bus from the middle school to finish dropping us off. I sat huddled in the torn green back seats with five boys from my class listening intently as a sixth grader explained to us some of the games the middle schoolers played at recess. “It’s called FMK. Fuck, Marry, Kill. You have to choose which person you would fuck, marry, or kill.” Some of the boys giggled but some stayed quiet, not understanding what he meant. The older boy, Josh, relished in the moment, thinking it funny that he knew so much more than us and giddy to be the one to corrupt our young minds. He said, “Okay I’ll give an example so you understand. Gerard you have to choose, FMK- Johnny, Kevin, or Veronica. You’d have to choose to fuck Veronica and marry and kill Kevin or Johnny because you can’t fuck a boy if you’re a boy. Moms and dads fuck, it 's how they make the babies. If there were more girls here, you’d have to choose which one you’d rather make a baby with. Which one is prettier.” The game made me uncomfortable, though at seven years old I could not identify why. I figured that Josh was right. It did, after all, make sense. Moms and dads did make babies, and so, I went along with the game. Sitting in the back of that bus with five of my male friends as he told them I filled the, “fuck,” choice was the first time I ever had to consider myself a sexual entity—and a heterosexual one at that. To Josh it was
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