Descriptive Essay : My Seat Belt

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The trees streamed past the van 's window as I drove down the road. We were taking a roundabout course to Put-in-Bay. We chose this route in order to avoid places like Cleveland, which would very likely be heavily populated by the undead. Oddly, highways were mostly clear, unless you ventured too close to even the smallest of cities. Every bridge or overpass needed to be scouted out before crossing. We needed to be sure they were passable. At the outbreak of the contagion, cars became mired in traffic and many bridges bottlenecked the fleeing populace with the infected. They became killing fields. Many people were slaughtered in their cars. Even today, it wasn 't unusual to find zombies trapped in their vehicle 's seat belts, bound for an eternity by the conventional safety equipment of yesterday. As this thought crossed my mind, I unbuckled my seat belt. A part of me wanted the secure feeling of the harness, but I reasoned that since there were probably no other oncoming cars, I would see any oncoming accident prior to it happening and have time to react. Besides, we were traveling so slowly that I didn 't think anything would happen. I have to note that I felt a little out of control. Having buckled up for so many years, it was a strange sensation to be in a car without some type of safety harness. The landscape was always the same. Abandoned-car-strewn roadways made obstacle courses alongside buildings long overgrown and showing neglect. Garbage gathered
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