Descriptive Essay : My Unforgettable Travels

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My Unforgettable Travels Visualizing a picture in your head can be so captivating and it can bring back memories you’d never thought you would remember. I visualized a picture of a love lock bridge in Paris, France because it is something that stood out to me when I was traveling. Everything about this area was amazing and breathtaking. I will always remember traveling to France and Spain because of how different other countries are than the United States. Going to these places really made me love exploring and learning new things about the world. When going to France, I really depicted it as a different place than it was. I thought it was going to be just like New York City with a little touch of different people. I was so incredibly wrong. I went there in February of this year and ever since then I can’t wait to go back to different countries. The lifestyle there was so serene and mesmerizing all at once. You felt this almost joy of just walking into certain places. I went to multiple different places there. For example, I went to the Palace of Versailles, Hotel Des Invalides, the Eiffel Tower and then art museums with painting like the Mona Lisa and much more. These places were spectacular and so different. The work of every building was hand crafted and made me wish I could live in Paris. The people there were a little rude to Americans, but that didn’t stop me from trying to converse with them as much as I could. I would always look up different

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