Descriptive Essay : ' Nice Touch ' And ' Your Blood Pressure '

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“Nice touch,” William said to the empty office.
William pressed the mute button on the television remote and logged-in to the Movement’s secure internet browser. He placed his thumb on the biometric scanner, and leaned forward, allowing the built-in camera to run a facial recognition and retinal scan. The face of a pretty, blond woman in her early twenties appeared on William’s monitor. “Good afternoon, Mr. Blake. I’m Amanda, concierge 4015. How do you fare?”
“Hale and hearty, hearty and hale,” William said.
“Your blood pressure is one-ten over sixty, and pulse is fifty-six beats per minute. All vitals and biometric indicators are in the superior range. You are hale and hearty indeed, Mr. Blake. How may I assist you?”
“You have three email messages. The messages are from Mr. Whitkin, Mr. Francois, and Ms. Amato.”
Whitkin, Francois and Amato were Movement whips from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. As whips, they were responsible for reviewing vote counts. Normally, they would count the votes of elected representatives in the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island statehouses. With the state constitutional conventions on the horizon, William directed the whips to count the votes of the delegates who town and city councils across the region had nominated for the state constitutional conventions. Many of the delegates were less well known to the Movement officials, so it took a considerable amount of time and effort for the whips to vet each of the…
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