Descriptive Essay : ' Oh So Phony Friends '

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Oh-so Phony Friends
The loud hum of children 's voices fills my ears as I travel into the lunchroom. “Hey, girl, what’s up?” my friend, Karma, enthusiastically belches from our normal lunch table.
I giggle in response, “Nothin much, girly. Hey you goin’ to Dorothy 's house tonight?”.
Karma shakes her head, “Nah, girl! I’m just gonna take a nap when I get home. I’m beat today.”
After leaving lunch, the rest of the day flies by. A bit after I arrive home, I decide to go for a stroll in my neighborhood. When I turn onto the road Dorothy lives on, I notice several people in the yard. From my perspective, I see Karma and a few other people having a some sort of pool party jamming out to their speakers. My eyes glaze over, my chest gets
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Crossing my arms over my chest I ask, “Um. Hey, what’s up?”
“We’re bored,” they said in unison. “Come hang out.”
My lips press into a firm line as a negative thought crossed my mind, “Haha. Why didn’t you come earlier? You know my dad gets mad when people come over too late.” They just shrug it off and really say nothing. They beg me to ask my mom if I could come over. After a minute or two, I give in and ask.
“Please mommmmm I love youu!” I pleaded.
Huffing, “ I don’t like them girls. They have been treating you like garbage. I really wish you’d find new ones.”
I grumble before whining again, “ Maa! Pleasee let me go. Remember that I’m the good child! I get good grades and don 't get in trouble with the law!” Eventually, after begging enough, she caves and lets me go.
Next week flies by, and it 's finally the weekend again. This weekend, my family had plans to go out and get ice cream. As the whole family packs into Dairy Queen, I spot my friends and some other kids from school crowded around a booth. They all seem to be enjoying themselves, laughing and eating. How I wish I was happy like that, with them even. Against my better judgment, I slip away from my family to go say hi.
Waving and presenting a big toothy grin, I approach my friends. But all I received were cold, distance stares and half-hearted smiles. Oh no, it 's begun. I 've been cast away as the weird friend
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