Descriptive Essay On A Black Cat

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i opened the window pane and felt the cold breeze brush my cheeks. A light blizzard was raging. It was the beginning of winter. Snow was everywhere and the visibility was blurring. I let the air in, accompanied by little snowflakes. I saw them glaze in the streetlight. A large leafless tree lay far from my window.The snow slowly slid down from the tree and landed on a black cat. I chuckled at the sight of this subtle romance. The cat meowed. He looked as though he was merrily offering solace to the leafless tree. In its frail attempt to tease his sole companion, the tree sprayed more white snow and caressed the black cat. No human being was in sight on the empty street. The streetlight flickered in the distance. It was dark and no human in his right mind would venture to go out, or so I thought. As I was admiring the clasp of beauty the snow held in its…show more content…
I could feel the immense distance between our souls as I watched him leave with smoke blowing out of his mouth. I did not know his name, I realised. I had forgotten his sound. His heart seemed to be bestrewn with vestiges. He looked at me and smiled. I heard them again, those small footsteps.

I was in love with the spectacle I saw that day.

‘Wait,’ I yelled.

The footsteps stopped.

I handed him a bottle of blended malt, (name) it read. He smiled again. No more snow on his shoulders, his smile finally reached his eyes. I froze. I could hear the footsteps fade. Then they stopped.

I put on my overcoat. I ventured into the quiet street outside. The streetlight flickered. I breathed the breath of the blizzard. The atmosphere was dank. I stared at the white snow as I let the visiting thoughts that approached my mind sink in.


I heard someone scream out my name. I looked around. In the vicinity, I saw a park bench. I could see two familiar figures, one male and one female. They were sitting, hand in hand. The female figure got up and hugged me.

‘Jun, meet my boyfriend,
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