Descriptive Essay On A Day At The Day

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It was a warm summer day in Florida. I wake up and crawl out of my bed. My feet are chilled by the cool, slick texture of the hardwood floor. My mom is calling me to come eat breakfast with the rest of the family. We were at our family beach house on vacation (a family ritual that we have been doing for the past five years). I greet everyone at the breakfast table as the aroma coming from the food draws me in. I sit down. On my plate sat three freshly baked pancakes, two crispy strips of bacon, and a large spoonful if scrambled eggs. While at the dinner table, we discussed activities to do for the rest of the day. It was decided that we would have the most fun if we went to the local beach so that way the we can choose to swim, go fishing, or go jet skiing. After washing my plate I got dressed in my swimming trunks. The trunks I wore were a vibrant orange with a blue and white flower pattern on the thigh. I rushed to the my grandpa’s blue Ford F10 truck, hopped in, and buckled myself up in anticipation of going to the beach. After a forty minute drive, we finally arrived at the beach. Once I step out of the truck I feel the rays of the sun sinking deep into every pore of my body. The sand feels warm and slides smoothly underneath my feet as I dart towards the water. The view was amazing; the ocean water was gleaming a refreshing crystal blue, the sand shimmered a royal yellow, and the seagulls soared across the sky like coordinated fighter jets. The adults of my family

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