Descriptive Essay On A Day In The Forest

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The bus took turn after turn as I admired the green wilderness. I never knew that such beauty existed in the outskirts of the town. After going through a lot of twisted roads, the bus stopped in the end at our destination – the picnic spot. As soon as everyone came out of the bus, our guide greeted us. “Please don’t wander off deep into the forest. It can prove to be very dangerous,” cautioned the guide. Everyone nodded in agreement but no one asked why. While everyone was busy making their tents; I was taking a lot of pictures, mostly the pictures of the natural beauty. The tall, brown trees with long-thin branches were wrapped with green climbers which were the only shelter in here and the low whisperings of the nearby stream sounded so pleasant. The beauty of the peacock, the merry monkeys swinging from trees to trees, and the rabbits scurrying into hiding; the flock of ducks moving in and out of the stream and the colourful birds that were flying high in the blue sky were a sight worth admiring. As I wandered off deep into the forest, I witnessed the dark side of this natural beauty... irate wild animals and the angry nature. The menacing howls of wild animals and the angry roar of the lions made me sweat copiously. The sly foxes were closely keeping an eye on my movements. These cruel animals were frightening the living daylight out of me. Looking here and there, I tried to find a way back to my camp but in vain; in other words, I was L-O-S-T! The shuddering fear of
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